Over time, a heating system can suffer from cold spots on radiators, increased noise and poor circulation. All of this is caused by a build up of sludge called iron oxide magnetite. When left, this sludge builds up inside your boilers heat exchanger, your pipe work and radiators. By having the Magnacleanse treatment carried out, it is removed from your system one radiator at a time. The process is as follows...

  • We connect our Magnacleanse into your system

  • Add the cleansing chemicals

  • Run the heating through just one radiator at a time

  • We agitate this radiator to loosen up the magnetite

  • Repeat this process through all radiators

  • Here are the results from just one radiator....

MagnaCleanse in use

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Sludge stuck to magnet from one radiator

Sludge removed from magnet into bucket

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